These resources and materials are designed to support the development of confident practitioners and promote resilience and wellbeing of the children and young people we serve.

Thoughts on practice….

These snippets offer child and family practitioners and managers some food for thought when it comes to some of the more complex aspects of casework with children, young people and families who have experienced abuse and neglect.

These pieces aren’t exhaustive. They are designed to prompt thinking.

If you would like to see a post about a particular aspect of practice or professional issue you are contending with, we’d love to hear from you. Please email your idea or question to the mailbox and we’d happily consider it.

Choosing an independent assessor

Trauma-Informed Practice in the real world

Meaningful Life Story Work

Working with clinical diagnoses

Regulation support kits


A customisable set of 8 activities, tools, games and items to support the development of emotional literacy skills and regulation capability for a child or young person.


Building on the Basic package focused on emotional literacy and regulation, this Premium kit offers additional tools designed to support elements of Life Story Work for children and young people.

On-Site Calming Corner Consultation

A Spots & Arrows consultant leads the design and construction of an emotional regulation space on-site i.e. regulation room, calm down corner, cool down space and the like. This service can be expanded to include additional support in training and guiding the users of the space and their supporting adults.

Spots and Arrows