Each Spots & Arrows assessment and intervention summary report is critically examined through internal Peer Quality Review. This results in consistent, high-quality, and methodologically sound assessments and interventions – the foundation required for high-quality, confident decision making in complex circumstances.

Spots & Arrows child protection, out-of-home care and Family Court assessment and intervention services offer trauma-informed and pragmatic insights, and options and directions for the future.

We strive to work alongside referrers and clients to make sense of things together.

Clinical services are underpinned by the Spots & Arrows’ Therapeutic Care and Practice Principles:

  • Safety
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Resilience-Focused
  • Rigorous
  • Inclusive
  • Quality through Pragmatism
  • Purposeful

Our clinicians draw on contemporary research, knowledge and approaches to assessing and intervening to support children and young people’s experience of safety, connectedness, learning and joy.


Child and Family Assessment

Multi-source data collection and sophisticated, evidence-informed analyses characterise our robust assessment methodology.

Spots & Arrows assessments consider individuals in the context of their history, their present situation and their future. Our holistic, systems-based assessments are informed by file review, clinical interviews, observations, self-report, and information collected through the administration (when relevant) of psychometric measures. Complex analyses on the critical domains of each assessment are tested through a Peer Quality Review process to ensure the best possible recommendations based on available evidence at that point in time.

Intervention Services

Our interventions are aimed at promoting the emotional, psychological and social health and resilience of children, adolescents, parents/carers and adults through direct individual support, groups or workshops.

Counselling and support packages are assessment-driven, meaning therapeutic goals are targeted and clearly identified, communicated, and measured throughout the intervention. Written progress summary reports are provided.

Wherever possible, we encourage intervention options that target insight and behaviour or practice support for those adult individuals that make up the care team surrounding a child/young person, with individual child/young person counselling utilised as an ancillary support strategy as opposed to a primary or sole intervention strategy.

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