Spots & Arrows psychologists, social workers, assessors and consultants draw on a range of evidence-based modalities and frameworks to provide tailored services designed specifically to address the needs of each referral.

Our consultant psychologists, social workers and consultants work closely with clients to achieve sustainable individual, family and agency-wide solutions.

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own expertise and passion. With backgrounds in government, non-government and private sector, our team bring their skills and experience in the health and human services, management, leadership, human resources, quality assurance, professional supervision, teaching and child protection arenas to each service they provide.

Our Central Team


Andrijana Vidovic

Andrijana Vidovic

Director of Spots & Arrows and Psychologist

Andrijana has over 15 years experience working with children, young people, families and agencies in the child and family welfare, child protection and out-of-home care fields. Andrijana started Spots & Arrows in 2012 after identifying a real need for genuinely individualised, trauma-informed and pragmatic assessments, interventions and consulting services. “I hold a fundamental belief that each child is unique, has the potential for great things and is deserving of the highest quality services to support their development and wellbeing”. Spots & Arrows clinicians and consultants share this belief and are driven and buoyed by the opportunities for building the social and emotional resilience in children and families through their prevention, early intervention and recovery service streams. Andrijana is a registered psychologist and is completing the Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA Executive) with The Queensland University of Technology in Canberra.

Emma Freeman

Emma Freeman

Services Coordinator

As the Spots & Arrows Services Coordinator, Emma is our organiser –the oil that keeps this machine running so smoothly. Emma’s role is to liaise with the clinicians; ensure the right clinicians are matched to each referral; and assist referring clients with their specific requirements. Emma has a strong background in business management. Emma worked as a Consultant in Workers Compensation as an ally for injured workers for many years prior to leaving the workforce to start her family. “Following the completion of my family (despite what my partner may tell you!), I felt an urge to do something more meaningful with my working days and was drawn to the amazing work Spots & Arrows do.” With a passion and interest for helping, listening and problem solving, please never hesitate to contact Emma to discuss how our services might assist your needs.

Beth Murray Roach

Beth Murray-Roach

Operations Manager and Clinical Psychologist

Beth Murray-Roach has 11 years’ experience working with children, families and agencies in child protection and out of home care contexts in New South Wales and the Northern Territory in urban and remote settings. Beth’s role at Spots & Arrows is to support the quality of the work we do through identifying opportunities to build knowledge, capacity and practice – a role that extends to identifying opportunities to support external agencies through our professional services and strategic consulting. “I am driven by a commitment to improving children’s life experiences, especially when it comes to their experience of child protection and out-of-home care, with a focus on repair and recovery from traumatic experiences”. Beth is currently completing the Diploma of Therapeutic Life Story Work with Richard Rose.

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