Spots & Arrows' Mission is to identify, enable and act on opportunities for kids to experience safety, connectedness, learning and joy.

Spots & Arrows provide assessment, intervention, training and consulting within the human services, Family Law, child protection, out-of-home care and Children’s Court arenas.

Clinical and professional services that promote resilient workforces and resilient children and families where abuse, neglect or disruption have been experienced.

We accept referrals from:

  • State and Federal government agencies including Child Protection, Out-of-Home Care, Education, Health, Juvenile Justice
  • Non-Government service providers
  • Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICLs) operating in the Family Court of Australia.

understand, connect, empower

Spots & Arrows / Clinical Services
  • Family Assessment or Expert Reports that reflect the child’s best interests in Family Law
  • Clinically-informed casework assessments for Child Protection and OoHC
  • Intervention, counselling and support packages
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Clinical De-Briefing for Professionals working with trauma
Spots & Arrows / Training and Professional Development
  • Assessment and Decision Making in Complexity
  • Live Completion Workshop Series
  • Workshops for Practitioners
  • Workshops for Carers
  • Supervision and Practice Coaching
  • Customised Packages
Spots & Arrows / Consultancy
  • Human Capital: Recruitment and Wellbeing
  • Optimising Workforce Performance 
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Policy Design and Development
  • Complex Program Implementation

our missionNever waste a moment that could influence a vulnerable child or young person’s resilience and ability to reach their true potential.

We do this by providing clinical, training and consultancy services that combine experience with evidence and empathy to cultivate opportunities for vulnerable children and young people to experience safety, connectedness and wellbeing for life.


ethical decision making, always

Capacity Building

bridging then integrating for sustained change


evidence informed decision making and robust analysis


in approach and outcomes

who we work with

Government and Non-Government Agencies

Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICLs)

Children and Young People

Birth Parents

Foster and Relative / Kinship Carers


Human service professionals and teams

Industry managers and leaders

Spots & Arrows clinicians have extensive experience in the following domains, frameworks and approaches that underpin all our services:

  • Evidence-informed assessment methodology and approaches
  • Family Assessment reports
  • Permanency assessments
  • Developmental trauma and attachment
  • Data informed casework decision-making
  • Trauma informed, resiliency focused intervention
  • Child protection and out-of-home care systems
  • Meaning-making and sophisticated analysis in child and family assessment
  • Functional Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support
  • Critically reflective practice and case consultation
  • Coaching and Professional Supervision
  • Tender writing
  • Program and policy development
  • Service model design
  • Quality assurance and review consultancy
  • Engaging children, young people and families in decisions that impact their lives
  • Workplace stress, burnout and vicarious trauma
  • Decision making in high stress environments
  • Cross-cultural therapeutic practice
  • Incorporating the use of data in day-to-day practice and decision-making
  • Flexible service delivery

empower, support, connect

Spots and Arrows